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Elite Force M4/M16 Magazine (10-Pack)


Mid-Cap Magazine
140 Rounds
Item/SKU #: 2279066 (Black)
Item/SKU #: 2279067 (DEB)


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Elite Force M4/M16 Universal Magazine


Universal Magazine
300 Rounds
Metal Magazine
Item/SKU #: 2279028 (Grey)
Item/SKU #: 2279029 (FDE)

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Elite Force M4A1 Carbine Rifle (2279310)

The Elite Force M4A1 Carbine isn’t just another M4 to be tossed on the huge pile of airsoft M4 options already available on the market.  We worked with Ares to create an affordable platform with solid performance, backed by our industry-leading service warranty.  With solid components, both inside and out, the Elite Force M4A1 Carbine was built to allow new players the chance to be competitive with more experienced players without having to break the bank or the gun.

Starting at the back of the rifle, the Elite Force M4A1 carbine features a 6-position retractable stock on a metal buffer tube.  The upper and lower receivers as well as pistol grip and handguard are all made from high-quality nylon fiber material, creating a sturdy frame with a realistic feel, while keeping the cost of the rifle well within the range of other affordable options on the market.  And for added durability, we’ve also included a metal barrel, buffer tube and sights. On the top of the gun you have a removable carry handle with an integrated rear sight, making it easier for you to transport the gun and giving you the ability to sight in on targets with the front and rear iron sights.

We’ve packed the M4A1 with a metal gearbox, with standard ratio steel gears that are built to last.  The gearbox also includes a quick-change spring release design so that you can modify the performance of your gun in a snap. The inclusion of an adjustable hop-up further adds to this guns adaptability.

Included in the package are: The Elite Force M4A1 AEG, an 8.4V battery and charger, a high-capacity 300-round magazine, and a 60-day warranty.

If you’re looking for high performance at an affordable price, […]

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Elite Force 1911 A1 Pistol (2279314)

The Elite Force 1911 A1 is our version of the very popular real 1911 style of pistol. The 1911 plays an important part in firearm history; originally designed by John Browning, and produced by Colt, the Colt Model 1911 was initially produced in the early 1900s to meet requirements of the US Army for a self-loading pistol with high stopping power to upgrade the .38 revolvers being used at the time. Since its acceptance in 1911 the pistol has gone on to be admitted into many of the world’s military and law enforcement organizations. It had been the standard issue pistol of the US Armed Forces for decades, having been used through WW1, WW2, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, until finally being replaced by the M9 in the early 90s. The 1911 design has served as inspiration for nearly every other major handgun that has been developed since.

And that 1911 design remains a staple in the firearms community even today. Having been in use for over a century, the 1911 is undoubtedly a combat proven firearm. As various manufacturers continue to implement and improve upon the 1911 design, it will certainly remain a favorite for many special operations, law enforcement, personal defense, competition and recreational users for years to come.

With the Elite Force 1911 A1, we have taken the classic design and functionality of this iconic weapon system and replicated it to create a truly amazing gas blow-back pistol. The EF 1911 features Elite Force trademarks; a full metal frame, slide, and barrel; a 14mm orange reverse threaded tip for attaching mock suppressors; fixed front and rear iron sights; plus thumb and grip safeties for added security.

It also features: crisp, powerful, and realistic blow-back action, […]

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Elite Force M4 CQB Rifle (2279300)

The Elite Force M4 CQB is our solution to Close Quarter Combat. Manufactured to standards shared by some of the most high end guns on the market, the CQB is truly a one of a kind value. We took the beloved design of the standard M4 and equipped it with every feature you could ever need and gave it an affordable price tag.

The M4 CQB consists of a high strength nylon fiber receiver which provides the perfect blend of durability and lightweight. On the fore end you have a full metal quad rail for attaching a variety of weapon accessories, further adding to this guns versatility. Further down the gun you have the adjustable crane stock which can be fitted to comfortably accommodate shooters of all sizes. Also included are a detachable vertical grip, for improved weapon stabilization; and a metal flip-up rear iron sight.

Moving on to the inside of the rifle, we’ve put in a metal gearbox with metal gears which will greatly add to the life span of the gun. On top of that you’ve got an adjustable hop-up to modify your BBs flight path in order to better adapt to shooting conditions and distances.

The package includes: the Elite Force M4 CQB AEG, two 300-round hi-capacity magazines, a detachable vertical fore grip, a battery and charger and a 60-day warranty.

With the Elite Force M4 CQB, we have provided you with everything you need to get out and dominate in close quarters right out of the box. With a platform that performs great and gives you the flexibility you need to outfit this gun to your play style, you can’t go wrong with the Elite Force M4 CQB.

Features and Specs:

345 FPS w/.2g bb
High Strength […]

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Elite Force 1911 Magazine (2279315)


14 Round Magazine
Fits the Elite Force 1911 A1 Pistol
Item/SKU #: 2279315

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Elite Force Patch

Elite Force Patch

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Elite Force 1911 Tac Pistol (2279068)

The Elite Force 1911 Tac takes the standard 1911 and completely upgrades it to a modern tactical pistol. Maintaining the same traditional 1911 reliability and proven design, the 1911 Tac adds increased functionality to the classic system, making it suitable for nearly any present-day application.

The EF 1911 Tac features include: a full metal frame, slide and barrel; a custom two tone look with a black and tan color configuration to help set it apart from the plethora of other 1911s on the market; Elite Force trademarks; a rail system for attaching lights, lasers, or other accessories; a 14mm counter clockwise threaded tip for attaching mock suppressors; a textured pistol grip for improved weapon handling; an ambidextrous thumb and grip safety for easy operation by both left and right handed shooters; a milled 3 hole skeleton trigger; and white dotted front and rear competition iron sights for quick target acquisition.

The Elite Force 1911 Tac functions off of the same crisp, hard hitting recoil system as the EF 1911 A1. It is also powered by CO2 cartridges and features the high-powered recoil spring, double action, and adjustable hop-up.

Included in the package are: the gun, a 14 round drop-free CO2 mag, and a 60 day warranty.

The Elite Force 1911 Tac provides you with everything you could want in a modern gas blowback pistol: incredibly realistic and crisp recoil, beautiful design and style, precision accuracy at a variety of ranges, and the inclusion of barrel threading and a rail mounting system for attaching suppressors, lights, lasers, and other accessories.

Features and Specifications:

345 FPS w/.2g
All Metal Blowback
Custom Lower Frame in DEB
Double/Single action
14mm orange reverse threaded tip (mock suppressor ready)
Adjustable Hop-up
Extended Grip Safety
Accessory Rail
Competition Style Sights
Skeleton Trigger
Textured Pistol Grip
Ambidextrous Thumb and Grip […]

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Elite Force Precision BBs

Elite Force Airsoft offers a complete line of .20 g, .25 g, and .28 g precision BBs. Packaged in a unique bottle with a screw-on top makes storage, transport, and loading simple and convenient. These BBs have been tested successfully in many variants of mid and hi-cap magazines to expose potential jamming and misfires. This testing combined with the overall consistency in size and polish have proven these precision Elite Force BBs to be an excellent formula for an extremely competitive BB.

Precision BBs
.20 g, .25 g, and .28 g
Precision accuracy
.595 diameter +/- .01
Excellent polish
Reusable bottles
0.20g Item/SKU #: 2279500 (2700ct) & 2279501 (5000ct)
0.25g Item/SKU #: 2279505 (2700ct) & 2279506 (5000ct)
0.28g Item/SKU #: 2279058 (2700ct)

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Elite Force 4CRL AEG Rifle (2267700)

The Elite Force 4CRL AEG is a high-end replica of the full size M4. Designed by VFC, the 4CRL is an incredibly authentic reproduction of the M4 rifle system. Taking the classic design of the much loved M4 rifle, which is a familiar and easily operated system for many new and experienced shooters, we have developed an extremely high-performing and dependable AEG replica.

The 4CRL features: a strong full metal CNC’d body; a newly designed 15 slot full metal quad-rail for attaching tactical weapon accessories; a full length top rail for mounting different optics or scopes to take full advantage of the awe-inspiring accuracy this gun is capable of; full metal front and rear flip iron sights that are there when you need them and out of the way when you don’t; a textured nylon fiber pistol grip to ensure a stable hold; a full sized butt stock for containing larger, high capacity, batteries; an SPR flash hider; full Elite Force trademarks and a contoured trigger guard.

We’ve added in a full metal gearbox and gears that make the internals as tough as the externals; plus an adjustable hop-up, not to mention this gun is also Li-Po ready.

The package includes: the Elite Force 4 CRL AEG, a 300 round high-capacity magazine, and a 1 year warranty.

The Elite Force 4CRL AEG is perfect for anyone looking for a truly high-quality and high-performance gun. Its length makes it great for outdoor play, and the full stock capable of accepting larger, longer lasting batteries, is particularly good for multi-day operations. Buy with confidence because the 4CRL includes a 1 year warranty.

Features and Specs:

400 FPS w/.20g
Full metal CNC’s Body
Full Metal Gearbox/Gears
300-round Hi-Cap
Front and Rear Metal Flip Sights
Newly Designed Full Metal Quad-Rail
SPR […]

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