HK UMP Magazine (2275006)


400 Rounds
Fits the HK UMP Rifle
Hi-Cap Magazine
Item/SKU #: 2275006

HK 417 Magazine


100 or 500 Rounds
Fits the HK 417 Rifle
Item/SKU #: 2279048 (Mid-Cap, 100 rd)
Item/SKU #: 2279049 (Hi-Cap, 500 rd)

HK USP CO2 Airsoft Magazine – Metal


22 Rounds
Fits the HK USP Compact GBB
Item/SKU #: 2275005

HK G36C Competition Rifle (2275000)

The HK G36C Competition is a variant of the G36 series of AEGs made to give you the most bang for your buck. Based on the G36C model, the HK G36C Competition pushes the limits of AEG capabilities within such a low price range.

Like the other guns in the G36 series, the G36C Competition consists of a high-quality polymer body that is light-weight yet still tough, as well as a folding stock. The light frame combined with the folding stock and the short barrel length makes for an incredibly modular gun that is perfectly suited for close quarter combat and can be maneuvered in tight spaces. In addition, the G36C features fully licensed HK trademarks, full metal side and bottom rails, ambidextrous selector switch, ambidextrous charging handle, and a high quality polymer top rail.

Internally, the G36C features a metal V3 gearbox and metal gears, and an adjustable hop-up.

The package includes the gun, a 400 round hi-cap magazine, an 8.4v battery and charger, and a 60 day warranty.

The HK G36C Competition is a solid AEG from the ground up, at an affordable price.  With specs to match even some high-end guns, the HK G36C Competition is a great pick for any player wanting everything you need right out of the box. 345 FPS means this rifle is CQB field compliant, requiring to modifications before you can get out and play!

Features & Specifications:

Fully Licensed HK G36C AEG
345 FPS w/.2g
CQB Legal
400 round Hi-Cap Mag
Adjustable Hop-Up
Folding Stock
Ambidextrous Selector Switch
Full metal side and bottom rails
Metal V3 Gearbox and Metal Gears
High-quality polymer body
Integrated Carry Handle
8.4v battery and charger included
Popular rifle used in the top video games
60 [...]

HK USP CO2 Pistol (2262030)

The USP CO2 airsoft pistol is the competitor’s choice for extremely fast and accurate CO2 shooting during airsoft competitions. The pistol is an authentic HK airsoft gun, coming from a name that you trust. The integrated accessory rail allows for the addition of tactical enhancements such as lasers, flashlights, or other gear. The built-in hop-up system allows for precise adjustments.

This pistol design is modeled after the popular firearm design. Don’t be caught on the milsim battlefield without a proper backup to your primary rifle! Get a quality H&K sidearm to keep shooting till the very end.

Velocity: 360 FPS
Caliber: 6 mm
Capacity: 16-shot
Power: CO2
Action: Double
Ammo: Airsoft BBs
Length: 7.5″
Weight: 1.8 lbs.
Item/SKU #: 2262030

HK G36CV AEG Rifle (2279103)

The HK G36CV AEG is an authentic, licensed replica of the real Heckler and Koch Compact Variant. The G36 has proven to be an incredibly modular system that is both lightweight and tough. Because of its battle tested and reliable design, the G36 has been adopted by a number of the world’s military and law enforcement agencies. The G36C expands on the innovative designs of the original G36 by transforming the platform into a compact, CQB ready system. With a shorter barrel and a small footprint with the butt stock folded, the G36C is truly an all-purpose weapon.

The HK G36CV AEG proves to be just as effective as the real life counterpart because of these basic design elements. This gun features a lightweight polymer construction, quad rails for mounting a variety of weapon attachments, a top rail for mounting scopes or optics, improved collapsible V Series stock with a rubber butt pad and cheek rest, ambidextrous selector switch, ambidextrous charging handle, and integrated iron sights.

Internally, you have a full metal, and adjustable hop-up unit which further adds to its flexibility in different conditions.

Included in the package are: the gun, a vertical grip, and a high capacity magazine with the acclaimed attachment system for combining magazines together.

The perfect all-purpose AEG, the HK G36CV acts as an efficient weapon for any circumstance in its most basic form and is ready to be upgraded to improve performance even more so.

Features & Specifications:

Velocity: 390 FPS
Capacity:  420 Shot
Action:  Semi/Full
Length:  31”
Weight:  6.35 lbs.
Barrel:  10.63”
Caliber:  6mm
Power:  AEG
Ammo:  Airsoft BBs
Adjustable Hop-Up
Adjustable V Series Stock
Rubber Butt Pad and Cheek Rest
Included Vertical Grip
Attachable Magazine System
Integrated Iron Sights
Ambidextrous Fire Selector

HK USP Compact GBB Pistol (2275004)

The HK USP Compact is a scaled down version of the full size Heckler & Koch USP. Like the full size USP, the USP compact is designed to be particular familiar for American shooters, with features similar to pistols like the 1911. The USP compact takes the performance of the full size USP and replicates it while sporting a smaller frame that makes it particularly fitting for concealed carry, smaller shooters, or anyone looking for a lighter and more compact pistol in general.

The USP Compact gas blowback airsoft pistol features authentic HK trademarks, a polymer lower frame with a metal slide, a universal mounting grove for attaching certain lights and lasers, an ambidextrous magazine release lever for left and right handed shooters, front and rear iron sights, and a functioning de-cocker.

The USP Compact is also a double action pistol working off the NS2 gas system for efficient gas use and crisp blowback, plus it has an adjustable hop-up which means it can be altered to shoot at longer ranges if necessary.

The package includes: the gun, a 21 round magazines, and a 60 day Elite Force Warranty.

The HK USP Compact GBB Pistol is right at home on the CQB field. Because its compact frame and half-polymer build this handgun is extremely portable and ideal for indoor and close quarter use.

Features and Specifications:

GBB/Gas Blowback
Authentic HK replica
Moving hammer adds realism
Fixed tactical sights
300 FPS
22 round capacity
Double Action
Fully Licensed H&K USP Trademarks
Polymer Lower Frame
8 Inch Metal Slide
Universal Mounting Grove
Ambidextrous Magazine Release Lever
Textured Pistol Grip
Front and Rear Iron Sights
NS2 Gas System
Adjustable Hop-Up
Functioning De-cocker

HK G36 Hi-Cap Magazine (5-Pack) (2267750)


Hi-Cap Magazine
Fits the HK G36 Rifle
5-Pack Set
Item/SKU #: 2267750 (Black)

HK USP Compact Magazine (2275005)


22 Rounds
Fits the HK USP Compact GBB
Item/SKU #: 2275005

HK MP5 A4 AEG Rifle (2279010)

The HK MP5 A4 AEG is an authentic replica of the Heckler & Koch MP5, one of the most notable guns ever manufactured. The real MP5, developed in the 1960’s, is a sub-machine gun based on the design of the popular HK G3 rifle.  It is a compact machine gun which fires the 9mm pistol cartridge. Reliability, accuracy, easy handling, simple to maintain, and safety are all celebrated features of the MP5 design.

It is no wonder, then, why the HK MP5 has been adopted by so many of the world’s leading military, law enforcement, intelligence, and security organizations. Some of the notable adopters have been the likes of: The US Special Operations Forces, Secret Service, FBI Hostage Rescue Team, and SWAT, among the Australian Special Operations and UK Special Forces. There are over 120 configurations of the MP5 available for various technical requirements.

To do this legendary gun justice, the HK MP5 A4 AEG replicates many of the elements that made MP5 famous. The HK MP5 A4 AEG features include: authentic replication of the world renowned MP5 design and feel; metal receiver and high strength polymer* body, for a perfect blend of weight and strength; ambidextrous selector switch, for operation by both left and right hand shooters; full size butt stock, which provides an ample amount of space for many battery types; adjustable integrated front and rear iron sights; and an integrated rear sling plate.

The inside of the MP5 A4 AEG is loaded with a solid metal gearbox comprised of full metal gears, and an adjustable hop-up system.

Included in the package are: the gun, and a 200-round high capacity magazine.

One of the finest replicas of the HK MP5 ever made, the HK MP5 A4 AEG [...]