The Elite Force 1911 A1 is our version of the very popular real 1911 style of pistol. The 1911 plays an important part in firearm history; originally designed by John Browning, and produced by Colt, the Colt Model 1911 was initially produced in the early 1900s to meet requirements of the US Army for a self-loading pistol with high stopping power to upgrade the .38 revolvers being used at the time. Since its acceptance in 1911 the pistol has gone on to be admitted into many of the world’s military and law enforcement organizations. It had been the standard issue pistol of the US Armed Forces for decades, having been used through WW1, WW2, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, until finally being replaced by the M9 in the early 90s. The 1911 design has served as inspiration for nearly every other major handgun that has been developed since.

And that 1911 design remains a staple in the firearms community even today. Having been in use for over a century, the 1911 is undoubtedly a combat proven firearm. As various manufacturers continue to implement and improve upon the 1911 design, it will certainly remain a favorite for many special operations, law enforcement, personal defense, competition and recreational users for years to come.

With the Elite Force 1911 A1, we have taken the classic design and functionality of this iconic weapon system and replicated it to create a truly amazing gas blow-back pistol. The EF 1911 features Elite Force trademarks; a full metal frame, slide, and barrel; a 14mm orange reverse threaded tip for attaching mock suppressors; fixed front and rear iron sights; plus thumb and grip safeties for added security.

It also features: crisp, powerful, and realistic blow-back action, due to a high powered spring for better recoil, all powered by CO2 cartridges; double/single action, and adjustable hop-up.

The package includes the gun, a 14 round drop-free CO2 magazine, and a 60 day warranty.

The Elite Force 1911 A1 takes the traditional 1911 airsoft gun and catapults it to the next level. Pick up the EF 1911 A1 today for a truly unique gas blowback pistol experience. Use .25g or heavier BBs with this gun for the greatest accuracy.

Features and Specifications:

  • 345 FPS w/.2g
  • All Metal Blowback
  • 14 round drop-free CO2 magazine
  • Power: CO2
  • Double/Single Action
  • 14mm orange reverse threaded tip (mock suppressor ready)
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Fixed Front and Rear Sights
  • Textured Pistol Grip and Slide
  • Thumb and Grip Safety
  • 60 Day Warranty
  • Item/SKU #: 2279314