HK MP5 A4 Elite AEG Rifle w/3 Shot Burst

The Elite Force HK MP5 A4 Elite is part the Elite series of AEGs designed as premium high-performance replicas. Manufactured by VFC, the HK MP5 A4 Elite holds up to the same rigorously high standards that VFC has become well known for. The A4 is an exceptionally built machine with functionality and aesthetics that realistically recreate the legendary MP5 design.

Covering the gun are fully licensed H&K trademarks and an individualized serial number. The upper receiver and barrel assembly are full metal while the lower receiver, handguard, and stock are constructed from high-strength nylon polymer. On the rear is a full butt stock with a sling mount built in, and on the top of the gun you have integrated front & rear iron sights. It is also well suited for both left- and right-handed shooters thanks to the ambidextrous fire selector.

The HK MP5 A4 Elite is built on the foundation of strong internal components and includes an adjustable hop-up system. It features semi-automatic, fully automatic, and an exciting 3-round burst fire mode which is great for ensuring you hit your target when you pull the trigger without wasting an excessive amount of ammunition in the process.

The package includes: The HK MP5 A4 Elite AEG, and a 200 round high-capacity magazine.

For enthusiasts that want an authentic HK MP5 replica and functions at the highest levels of performance, the MP5 A4 Elite delivers. And for close quarter players, nothing beats a sub-machine gun; especially one equipped with an amazing 3-round burst.

Features & Specs:

  • OEM: VFC
  • Fully Licensed H&K Trademarks w/ Individualized Serial Number
  • Full Metal Upper Receiver and Barrel
  • High-Strength Nylon Polymer Lower Receiver, Hand Guard, and Fixed Stock
  • Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
  • 3-Round Burst Fire Mode
  • Ambidextrous Fire Selector
  • Rear Sling Mount

HK G36C Elite AEG Rifle

The Heckler & Koch G36C Elite AEG is equipped with all the same features as the standard full size G36; but as the compact version it appropriately features a shortened front-end, making it more manageable in close quarter engagements.

The HK G36C Elite has all of the defining characteristics of the base G36 model with a couple of minor departures. It features the renowned high-strength polymer body construction, that is both lightweight and durable; ambidextrous fire selector and charging handle, for easy operation by both right and left hand shooters; integrated front and rear sights for accurately sighting in targets; integrated carry handle, for comfortable transportation; and a side folding butt stock, which can flipped to the side for compact handling or storage.

Internally, the HK G36C Elite includes a sturdy metal gearbox with steel gears and a high-quality piston.  The hop-up system is adjustable, making it easy to modify the rifle’s effective range in different conditions with different ammo types.

The package includes: the HK G36C Elite AEG a cleaning rod, and a 470 round high-capacity magazine with the acclaimed attachment system for attaching multiple magazines together.

As with all of our Elite series AEGs, the HK G36C Elite is a great choice for players who want a solid gun packed full of useful features right out of the box, suitable for just about any situation. The shortened barrel length, along with the folding stock make it perfect for operating in small spaces.  Add in the rail system for attaching tactical weapon accessories, making the HK G36C Elite an extremely effective CQB weapon.

Features & Specs:

  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Ambidextrous Fire Selector
  • Ambidextrous Charging Handle
  • High-Strength Polymer Body
  • Integrated Carry Handle w/ Top Rail
  • Stackable Magazines
  • Folding Butt Stock
  • Integrated Sling Point
  • Integrated Front and Rear Sights
  • Tri-rail handguard


The Heckler & Koch 45 gas blowback pistol is a convincing replica of the HK45 handgun. The HK45 was developed by Heckler & Koch, with input from ex-Delta Force operator Larry Vickers, to meet requirements by the U.S. Military Joint Combat Pistol Program for a new .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol to outfit the military with that would replace the M9 which was chambered in 9mm. Though that program was shut down in the mid-2000s, H&K still made the HK45 available. It is based on the operating principles of the highly-regarded H&K USP, but it was designed to improve upon the USP system and make it more ergonomic and versatile. Ultimately, Heckler & Koch managed to develop one of the most modern and valuable handguns on the market today. It’s no wonder why the HK45 is already starting to be adopted by law enforcement and armed forces such as the United States Naval Special Warfare Command.

Its airsoft counterpart, the HK45 gas blowback pistol boasts a number of intriguing components including: a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy slide with a polymer frame; licensed, authentic H&K trademarks through Umarex USA;  an integrated accessory rail for mounting weapon accessories like lights and lasers; an ergonomic design, specifically the ergonomic pistol grip, to provide the shooter with a comfortable and effective hold on the gun;  slide serrations to allow you to easily grip and rack the slide; ambidextrous slide lock and magazine release for easy operation by left- or right-handed shooters; and 16mm barrel threading for attaching mock suppressors.

The HK45 functions off of KWA’s state-of-the-art internal gas system which handles gas distribution efficiently. Aside from realistic field-stripping, the HK45 also contains KWA’s updated adjustable hop-up system that produces range and accuracy results you’d have to see to believe.  It’s that good!

The package includes: The HK45 gas blowback pistol, an extra back strap, a bottle of silicone, and a hop-up tool.

The HK45 is a modular pistol for the tactically-minded shooter. It’s packed with every feature imaginable and performs flawlessly. As one of the best pistols on the market, it’s sure to give you the edge you need to dominate the field. Pick one up today and instantly modernize your arsenal.

Features and Specs:

  • Full H&K Licensing w/ Authentic Trademarks
  • Aluminum Alloy Slide
  • High-Strength Polymer Frame
  • Integrated Accessory Rail
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • 3-Dot Front and Rear Sights
  • Functional Safety and Decocker
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Ambidextrous Slide Lock
  • 16mm Barrel Threading
  • Adjustable Hop-Up

Walther P99 Green Gas Pistol (2265004)

This P99 Green Gas airsoft pistol is an authentic P99 replica, fully licensed by Walther. The pistol is an exact replica of the Walther P99 firearm of the same name! Except for the required orange tip, this airsoft pistol looks exactly like the firearm and even has a drop-out magazine from the grip of the pistol which holds 27 rounds of airsoft BBs and the green gas that propels them towards your enemy.

The double action only trigger and adjustable rear sight will allow you to fire accurately time and time again. The adjustable hop-up system allows for even greater accuracy when you are shooting. The 1.32 lb. weight correctly simulates the actual firearm for which this pistol is modeled. This sidearm is an ultra-realistic addition to any airsoft combat scenario you will encounter!


  • Velocity: 360 FPS
  • Caliber: 6 mm
  • Capacity: 27-shot
  • Power: Green Gas
  • Action: Double
  • Ammo: Airsoft BBs
  • Length: 7″
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs.
  • Item/SKU #: 2265004

Walther P99 Gas Blowback Pistol (2265002)

The P99 Gas Blowback replica airsoft pistol incorporates the unique lines and distinctive shape of an actual P99 firearm pistol, under the full trademark of Walther. This high quality version of the P99 provides a gas blowback effect for added realism when firing the gun. The muzzle velocity of this pistol is kept higher than other gas blowback pistols thanks to some additional engineering which allowed for the big bore gas valve in the magazine.

This pistol also features a windage adjustable micrometer rear sight, with contrast marking. The magazine release is easily operable by either thumb or the trigger finger, and the magazine drops completely out of the pistol. The body is made of glass fiber, metal, and some plastic. Featured in several movies, the P99 is admired for its realistic look and feel. The 24-round magazine will keep you firing in military simulation competitions!


  • Velocity: 330 FPS
  • Caliber: 6 mm
  • Capacity: 24-shot
  • Power: Green Gas
  • Action: Dbl/Sgl
  • Ammo: Airsoft BBs
  • Length: 7″
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs.
  • Item/SKU #: 2265002