Optics and Sights

PS 22 Red Dot Point Sight (2300577)

The Walther PS 22 Electronic Red Dot Point Sight projects a [...]

PS 55 Red Reticle Point Sight (2300580)

Point Sights allow you to shoot air guns with both eyes [...]

Xenon Tactical Flashlight (2252516)

Walther Xenon Tactical Flashlight. Mount and cord switch sold separately.

60 [...]

XGL 532 Green Laser Sight (2245131)

Add a green laser to your air gun for quick target [...]

Elite Force Flip-Up Sights (2300050)

The Elite Force Flip Up Sights give any standard rifle the [...]

FLR 650 LED Light & Laser Sight (2252548)

The Walther FLR 650 LED Light & Laser Sight fits Weaver [...]