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When it’s time to get serious, fierce competitors “leave it all on the field” and in doing so expect their gaming equipment to perform without fail. You can count on the competition and elite-grade airsoft guns from Elite Force and Umarex license partners such as Amoeba, Avalon, Beretta®, GLOCK™, Heckler & Koch®, Ruger®, UZI®, VFC and Walther® to be reliable and dependable no matter the battlefield. They’re constructed with high-quality components to ensure optimal performance during engagement and an experience that’s true to life no matter the mission. These extreme airsoft guns are constructed so that you can depend on them to be your front line resolution.

Elite Force is a brand of Umarex and since 1972 Umarex has created a world of adventure for sport shooters, recreational shooters and hunters. Its high-performance, high quality performance air soft models permit training under highly realistic conditions and competition under the most extreme realism of re-enactments and skirmishes listed at AirsoftC3. Many say you've chosen correctly when you enter your next airsoft tournament with an Umarex Elite Force airsoft gun. Their officially licensed firearm branded guns, like GLOCK airsoft pistols, have the same manufacturer's markings and trademarks as your favorite lead-slinging, real steel guns. Elite Force is one of the few companies whose parent company (Umarex) has obtained the rights and permission from real firearms manufacturers to reproduce their pistols and rifles in airsoft form. Elite Force airsoft guns include a wide selection of handguns along with sporting and gaming airsoft rifles that run on a range of power supplies, including AEG, CO2 and green gas. Buy airsoft stuff from one of the many airsoft retail stores around the world or buy your airsoft gear and ammunition right here direct from Umarex who has an unbeatable selection that will get you geared up for your next airsoft or paintball tournament and when someone asks "what's in your mag" you can say with confidence, Elite Force BBs.

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