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Realistic Magfed Paintball is Trending

The T4E line of magfed paintball gear from Umarex takes realism to the ultimate level!

Magfed paintball has exploded in popularity in recent years and continues to grow, thanks in no small part to the support thrown behind it by some of paintball’s biggest manufacturers. However, tactical magfed paintball has also received a major boost from an incredible source, the world’s foremost name in airguns, airsoft guns, and air-powered tactical training equipment—Umarex! The Umarex magazine fed paintball line is both unique and innovative, taking realism for tactical paintball games, force-on-force training, and affordable practice to an amazing new level!

Paintball companies large and small have jumped into the world of magfed paintball with products from load-bearing vests and compact compressed air tanks to new magfed paintball guns that deliver impressive performance and capabilities. However, Umarex now offers a unique and growing line of magfed paintball guns and equipment that deliver a completely different level of function and realism! From magfed paintball carbines and shotguns to magfed paintball pistols, plus all the air cartridges and paintballs necessary to feed them, the Umarex line provides serious magazine-fed paintball shooters the most realistic tools and training for engagement currently available!

Umarex Paintball Pistols

Realistic and affordable, T4E paintball pistols look like their real steel counterparts and offer the ability to train at a much safer and more affordable level than anything else currently available. This also translates to an outstanding paintball pistol for – well – paintball! Umarex paintball pistols like their S&W M&P9 M2.0 paintball pistol, their Walther paintball pistol, and the TPM1 from the T4E line fire .43 caliber paintballs and are powered by 12gram CO2 cartridges. Looking and handling like real-world semiautomatic pistols, these magfed paintball pistols make the perfect sidearm, are a blast to shoot it out with force-on-force style, and make great training aids. If that’s not enough, or a bigger paintball is required or desired by the shooter, Umarex also offers a .50 caliber paintball revolver, the T4E TR50, that delivers a .50 caliber punch at home on the paintball field as it is in a home-defense scenario with the proper ammo! A six-shooter with a sight rail and an accessory rail, the double-action Umarex TR50 paintball revolver is a great sidearm and incredibly fun to shoot it out with when everyone’s running them! Rather than a big, beefy semi-automatic .68 caliber paintball pistol that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, a compact, lightweight semi-automatic Umarex paintball pistol or a TR50 paintball revolver is a great choice for a serious tactical magfed paintball player, and one of their best features are their amazing prices!

Umarex Paintball Shotguns

Some of the most unique .68 caliber paintball guns available, the Umarex selection of paintball shotguns are like nothing else in the game! Affordable and simple to feed and operate, the Umarex HDS is a side-by-side coach gun that fires two barrels of .68 caliber paintballs, powered by a 12gram CO2 cartridge! Ideal for home defense with the proper ammo, for tactical force-on-force training, or for a magfed paintball loadout like no other, the Umarex T4E HDS is an affordable paintball gun that’s certain to turn heads both on and off the paintball field! More recently, Umarex has given the HDS a big brother in their paintball shotgun lineup, the highly anticipated and extremely capable Umarex T4E HDX paintball shotgun! A pump-action paintball shotgun with an aggressive tactical combat shotgun look and handling, plus a high-capacity magazine and powered by 12gram CO2 cartridges, the Umarex HDX shotgun is an incredible training tool that is equally at-home on a mag-fed paintball battlefield!

Umarex Paintball Carbines

No line of tactical, magfed paintball guns is complete without an M4, and Umarex has that covered! The Umarex T4E TM-4 and officially licensed T4E HK 416 are the most realistic paintball magfed carbines in the world! Looking and handling like their counterparts in the hands of sport shooters, law enforcement, security, and military units worldwide, the Umarex TM-4 and HK 416 are magazine-fed paintball guns that offer a level of realism and function that simply can’t be matched by anything else in paintball! Semi-automatic and fed paintballs and air from each magazine, the Umarex TM-4 and Umarex HK 416 even put all the controls in the right places for muscle memory training and can be accessorized with sights, scopes, and other tactical modifications to add to the performance and realism for tactical training or the ultimate in hardcore tactical magfed paintball!

The Umarex magfed paintball line offers an impressive selection of affordable, reliable, realistic paintball guns and paintball gear that takes tactical training or magfed paintball action to an incredible level! Available in the paintball world from Valken Sports, the entire line of Umarex Paintball gear is an impressive and welcome addition to the world of magfed paintball!

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