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Thankfully Falling into the Christmas Shopping Season!

It’s not a trade secret. Even the most daft among us know that there’s some weirdness afoot in the global and local markets. If you haven’t heard the clarion call to start getting stuff stocked up now, whether it be for Christmas or whatever-- here it is one more time. If something you want is in stock, you had better get it now rather than wait. This isn’t a bold sales pitch. It’s just a fact that you need to get used to. Even though the Christmas shopping season is still officially a few weeks away from its usual start, if you are not shopping now you are way behind the curve. This is a crazy world where anything can happen. With the past as a predictor, we have learned to expect the unexpected.

As you might be aware there are some conspicuous issues with shipping and transportation these days. This is simply a fact of life for the brave new world we’ve been thrust into. Here’s what we do know: We are expecting replenishment shipments of many items to come in from now until the very tail end of the Christmas shopping season. Yes, we do plan on offering some killer deals around the Black Friday--Cyber Monday time frame, but there are some items in the inventory right now that will not wait around for a month or more and they won’t be replenished before Christmas.*

*disclaimer: some of these items are not in stock now and some of these items will likely be sold out in a short period of time. If the item you want is not in stock, use the “Notify Me When Available” button to receive an email notification when that item is available.

FUEL up your GBB Guns!

At least at press time, we have EF FUEL in stock! For all you doods running GBB pistols and carbines like the HK MP7 GBB, this is the moment you have been waiting for. The bad news is that once we are sold out, it will likely be a while (read months) before we are stocked up again. If you hit the link and find the dreaded “out of stock” notice-- be sure to hit the “Notify When Available” button!

You too Can Be a Hobo with a Shotgun!

If you don’t get the “B” (C?) movie allusion- save yourself the trouble and take our word for it, it’s bad. Really bad. But you know what is not bad? The Tactical Force Tri-Shot airsoft shotgun. This pump action airsoft shotgun spits out three 6mm airsoft BBs with each trigger pull. The BBs spread a little in flight, but not crazy, which means that it's just the right amount of accuracy for CQB scenarios. Oh, and it’s spring powered so you don’t have to worry about charging up batteries or fueling up with CO2 or Green Gas.

It Ain’t Dirty, Harry, It’s Wheelgun Perfection

One of the coolest revolvers ever to hit the airsoft arena is our officially licensed Smith & Wesson M29. What is really fantastic about this double-action beauty is there are three versions of it! Yes, this sweet wheelgun is available in 3”, 5”, and 8” barrel configurations.

Both the 3 and 5-inch models are regulated for optimal use on a sanctioned airsoft field. They will both launch .20 gram BB in the 330 FPS range.

The big 8-inch magnum isn’t so easily tamed. It will launch the same .20 gram BB around 440 FPS. Both the 3 and 8-inch versions are presented in a high polished factory blue finish and the 5 inch version is treated with a high polish nickel finish.

Let’s Get Tactical! Tactical!

1980’s song lyrics aside the Tactical Force CQB is an impressive entry-level carbine that is right on for a trip to the airsoft field. This airsoft blaster is powered by 12 gram CO2 and it uses two of said cartridges for plenty of shots along the way. Not only that, but the main reservoir holds 350 BB and the feeding magazine holds 20 BBs. Recharging the feeding magazine is as easy as pulling down the follower and pointing the muzzle down to the ground. Likewise changing out the twin CO2’s just requires taking the stock off and removing the CO2 screw with an Allen key. The best part of the Tactical Force CQB is that it is a very affordable way to get in the game with a solid carbine. Expect .20 gram BBs to fly at the 300 FPS mark.

Everyone’s Favorite SMG!

There’s no doubt that the Heckler & Koch MP5 is the roller delayed blowback SMG of choice. It’s just an amazing platform. Well, we have figured out how to give you guys both the collapsible stock and fixed stock in one package. Sort of a two-for-one special. Not only that, but this sweet AEG combo won’t break the bank either. The magazines for this sweet sub-gun hold 200 rounds and .20 gram BBs fly at 340 FPS. This MP5 takes 9.6v NimH battery with a small Tamiya type connector so it will be easy to pick up one to get started with and as many spares as you will need for extended use.

And don’t forget, if it is not in stock now use the “Notify Me When Available” button to get an email when the item restocks.

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