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What Type of Accessories Will Mount on My Airsoft Gun?

Many airsoft guns are made to accept aftermarket accessories very easily.  This might be through factory Picatinny rail, M-LOK rail slots, KeyMod rail slots, or through Quick Disconnect sockets. 

The term Picatinny Rail describes the repeating lugs and angular surfaces that are commonly used to affix optics, lights, lasers, and bipods to a rifle.  These sections might only be a couple of inches long, or they might run the complete length of the barrel. The most common orientation of this rail is on the top of a rifle, but they can be mounted in many other various angles.  A quad rail handguard will have four sections of rail, top, bottom, left and right. 


M-LOK and KeyMod are two popular ways of mounting accessories to a rifle.  Both of these systems are open-source products and help adding accessories exactly where you want them and keeping excess weight to a minimum. M-LOK utilizes a small, oval nut that tightens and locks into place when placed through the M-LOK slot and the mounting screw is tightened. This mounting system is very strong and common throughout all aspects of the shooting world.


KeyMod operates in a similar fashion except that the holes for the KeyMod are shaped like a key.  The outer surface of the key hole is flat, but the underside of it is chamfered.  This chamfered material is important because the pin piece of the accessory, when inserted through the larger end of the key slot, is also chamfered to mate perfectly with the inner part of the rail. When the mounting screws are tightened, the pin and key create a very rigid lock. 


We do not use proprietary mounting systems in Airsoft. We want our customers to be able to customize their airsoft guns with readily available accessories.  


Some of our AEGs will feature Quick Disconnect sockets (QD sockets), hook loops, or slots for mounting rifle slings.  When researching our AEG purchase, you will find these features noted in the images and product descriptions for those products. 



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