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What's The Difference Between Non, Half, and Full Blowback Airsoft Pistols

Elite Force Evan is here with our first video blog to tell you what's up with the different types of airsoft pistols!


Here are some facts about non-blowback, half-blowback, and full blowback airsoft replicas. But first, never brandish an airsoft replica in public and only play at sanctioned airsoft fields.

First is your non-blowback airsoft replica. These are affordablly priced, very gas efficient, and have the least amount of maintenance. 

Next is your half-blowback. These are competitively priced, fairly gas efficient, and have a simplified blowback design.

Last is your full-blowback. These have the heaviest amount of recoil, the most features, and most full-blowback airsoft replicas have repair parts available for them.

We will be adding to this series frequently!  Elite Force Airsoft is your go-to for great airsoft gear and everything airsoft!

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