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5 Reasons you Need a Blowback Replica Airgun in 2024

To quote the great comedian Tommy Chong, “There’s too much recession, man.”  Or was it too much repression?  Either way, between the economic situation and the state of the world there’s a good sized handful of reasons why you need to be using a blowback airgun in 2024.  Without wasting (too) many words, listen up. 


Centerfire Ammo is Expensive



In the past 4 years inflation has caused the prices of most things to shoot up around 30% over their cost in 2020.  Some items have risen less, some more, but overall, we are taking a collective hit on the budget in 2024. For less than $200 (in some cases much, much less) you can pick up an officially licensed replica of your carry firearm, with the appropriate gas and ammo.  9mm is averaging around $0.32  per round these days, so $200 will only get you around 600 rounds of ammo. That same money, or less, will get a BB or airsoft replica and multiple thousands of shots. 

Not All Training Needs to be Done at the Range


Getting out to the range can be time consuming as well as inconvenient.  The range isn’t always open when you are ready to train, and carving out a few hours on a Saturday morning is easily overshadowed by other family and committments. By training with air, you can do holster drills at home, whenever you want. By setting up a small range in your garage, you can drill, move, and shoot all on your own time schedule and in a very practical setting. 


Two-Way Range, Anyone?


Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to train in scenarios where the bad guy could shoot back at you?  This kind of training, done with proper personal protective gear, will really let your weaknesses and strengths show through.  There’s no excuses when it comes to getting hit.  You are successful or you ain’t. The two-way range tells no lies. Click here to check out our airsoft replicas and click here to get a look at our paintball pistols.Be sure to obtain a proper set of goggles, gloves, and neck protection for force-on-force training!

Realistic Public Space Training

Closely related to the point above, public spaces like churches and synagogues are very vulnerable to attacks.  Security teams need a host of skills including body language reading, threat analysis, and tactical training, among others.  The security team needs to work efficiently and quickly. Training with paintball or airsoft type airguns is a great tool for this skill building.


Replica Airgun are Really Cool and Your Friends Will be Jealous

Officially licensed replicas are the coolest thing since the shirt pocket. These are one-to-one replicas that often fit into your existing firearm holsters and accept the same accessories that mount to your firearm.  With blowback action, working slide releases, full size drop free magazines, and identical ergonomics to the firearm, replica blowback airguns are fun for anyone. Not to mention some firearms have that "Silver Screen" appeal. Rather than spent $1,000 or more on that expensive metal, get the replica version and show it off with pride!

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