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We Say this is Cool and You Will Agree

Industry favorite, Roy Hill, and Umarex's Brad Webb with the Umarex GLOCK/Laser Ammo GBB at the 2024 NRA Exposition.


Earlier this spring we attended the NRA Annual Meetings and Exposition in Dallas, Texas. As a part of our booth, we teamed up with Laser Ammo and Gnat Warfare to build what we will humbly call the coolest interactive display in the whole building. 


You see, some of LaserAmmo’s R.E.A.L. conversion kits made for blowback airsoft pistols will drop right into our GLOCK replicas. These drop-in laser barrels in combination with Laser Ammo’s Interactive Targets and Gnat Warfare’s “flying” drone targets all added up to the most fun of any booth in the show. 


It’s Really Quality Time, but You Can Call it Trigger Time


But more than being just fun, this display underscored the importance of training and getting massive amounts of trigger time in.  While not cheap, getting a complete target system using our GBB airsoft GLOCK and Laser Ammo’s barrel and receiver set up is certainly worth it in the long run. How so? 


Just a pair of Umarex GLOCK 45’s equipped with LaserAmmo’s R.E.A.L. drop in barrel laser kit.


How much planning goes into making a trip to your local indoor or outdoor range?  If you are lucky, it’s just a few minutes drive from your house, but even if you are, is the range open when you are ready to train? When you work long hours or an odd shift, this can certainly be a huge obstacle for getting your training in. Then, if the range is outdoors, there’s always the random rainstorm or set-in toad strangler that can disrupt your shooting plans for days. 


Use Your Time and and Money Wisely


Yes, you will still need green gas for this system to give you optimal benefit as a training age. The good news is that one bottle lasts for thousands of shots. 


There’s no such thing as a free lunch and things that are worth doing are worth the price paid for it. That said, even if you reload, shooting any centerfire round gets expensive in a hurry. A laser system like this isn’t meant to entirely take the place of training with live ammo. It is meant to supplement your training and help make better use of your live fire training dollars.


With the Laser Ammo drop in barrel laser, target receiver, and our GBB GLOCK airsoft replica, you can shoot thousands of “rounds” and help build up muscle memory and rapid target acquisition. Then when you do go to the firearm range, you can hone those skills with live fire training. All this and you can train after the kids have been put to bed, before you go to work, on rainy days, hot days, cold days, or in your PJs. 


In the event you don’t want to go the laser route, you can still use our airsoft replicas to train with.  Since you will be shooting a 6mm plastic BB instead of a laser beam, you will need a different type of target, and likely need to train outside. The results, however, will be the same. You get the trigger time, complete with muscle memory and accuracy benefits that will pay off on the firing line.



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