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The pellet pistols offerd by Umarex Airguns vary in terms of replica shapes of popular firearms. For good firepower and performance abilities without shooting something big and bulky, a pellet pistol may be a good choice. Air pistols are the perfect companion every shooter should have in their arsenal although where firearms are legal they may not be the best choice for home defense. Pellet pistols are great for practice and gun drills though! Grab a Shoot-N-C pistol target to figure out proper pistol grip. Some airguns are good for hunting pests around the house or in the barn. BB gun pistols are great for plinking tin cans or aluminum soda cans in the backyard. Whatever your reason, a pellet pistol is one tool that every shooter should have in their collection.

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Walther PPQ .177 CO2 Pellet Pistol With 20-round belt magazine

Put Walther's superior PPQ M2 in your hand-- that is the .177 caliber pellet PPQ M2. Featuring 20 round capacity and blowback action, this PPQ M2 is a great training tool or paper puncher for backyard shooting competitions.
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