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What’s Poppin? June and July 2023 Airsoft Events Calendar

We've scoured the interwebs for the best and saltiest airsoft and milsim events happening in the US for this summer.


2nd-4th Geigerlands 2: Electric Boogaloo, Big House Produce, Cresson, PA 

2nd-4th Theta Cell: Open World Sim, Command Decisions Wargames Center, Bethlehem, NC

2nd-3rd URA's Conflict Badlands 5, CZ Airsoft, Rhoadesville, VA

10th-11th Pandora's Box, Sherwood Forest Paintball, La Porte, IN

10th-11th Draco, GTI, Barnwell, SC

16th Future War, Futureball, Whitmore Lake, MI

24th-25th Arsenal, Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Butlerville, IN

24th-25th Platoon Leader, Command Decisions Wargames Center, Taylorsville, NC

24th Clawhammer 5, Harris Farm Airsoft, Dayton, ME



15th-16th Operation Big Brother, Burlington, IA

29th Ascension, Ben Franklin Range, Templeton, PA

29th Panamania, Airsoft on Boats, Isleton, CA TBD



12th-13th Blackjack, Sherwood Forest Paintball, La Porte, IN

25th-27th Operation Spear Tip GTI, Barnwell, SC

26th-27th Knight Sky, EMR Event Park, New Milford, PA


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