Blog posts of '2021' 'October'

Airsoft and Halloween
It’s that time of year again when your airsoft hobby can finally be intertwined with your “real life”. So many airsofters are embarrassed to talk about their hobby, because it feels controversial - much like the issues that violent video games went through in the 90’s, where all the mom’s were convinced that video games were going to turn their kids into budding psychopaths. It’s awkward to share a hobby where you use realistic looking guns to shoot at each other whilst also simultaneously trying to convince people that you are NOT a serial killer or a disturbed individual.
A First Look at the 1st GLOCK Paintball Pistol
Umarex has made a GLOCK 17 Gen 5 paintball gun, you have no idea how excited I am! Just to start off, the GLOCK 17 is the original GLOCK. The model 17 was named the 17 after GLOCK had 17 different patents made for the first pistol. It was not well received in the beginning, who wants a polymer gun? The answer now, EVERYONE. It is one of the most popular pistols and the GLOCK fan base continues to grow every day, me being one of them.
Thank You, from Elite Force
Playas, the Elite Force crew wants to thank you for being there for us. Sincerely, you are the reason we exist, and are very grateful for your support. Furthermore, know that we are working hard at getting the warehouse stocked back up-- it just seems like it’s taking forever. That’s one of the reasons this email is so important. When we get restocked we can let you know here, first. Share this email with your friends-- after you’ve picked up what you need! Thank you, again! Team EF.