Blog posts of '2024' 'June'

We Say this is Cool and You Will Agree

Industry favorite, Roy Hill, and Umarex's Brad Webb with the Umarex GLOCK/Laser Ammo GBB at the 2024 NRA Exposition.


Earlier this spring we attended the NRA Annual Meetings and Exposition in Dallas, Texas. As a part of our booth, we teamed up with Laser Ammo and Gnat Warfare to build what we w...

5 Reasons you Need a Blowback Replica Airgun in 2024

To quote the great comedian Tommy Chong, “There’s too much recession, man.”  Or was it too much repression?  Either way, between the economic situation and the state of the world there’s a good sized handful of reasons why you need to be using a blowback airgun in 2024.  Without wasting (too) many w...