Elite Force 1911 Barrel Assembly Rebuild Kit (2211078)

This video shows how to install/replace your EF 1911 barrel assembly with our rebuild kit.

Elite Force Honor Patch 002 – Frank G. Yuk

Airsoft is about Honor and Integrity and this nominee has shown these characteristics both on and off the field.   Blake, JP and Rick from American MilSim have nominated Frank G Yuk for an Elite Force Honor Patch based on two standout acts of honor.

Frank, is as it’s so succinctly stated on his Ins...

EF 1911 Rebuild Kit (2211076)

This video shows how to install the EF 1911 GUN rebuild Kit (2211076). This rebuild kit fits the EF 1911 A1 (2279314) and EF 1911 TAC (2279068).

FIRST Elite Force Honor Patch

And the world’s first Elite Force Honor Patch goes to….

In a world where society tends to focus on the negative or “doom & gloom” side of life, we at Elite Force have created a campaign to shed light on the positive actions of people that occur in an effort to promote the virtues of honor and integ...